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Friday, November 17, 2006

Second Life: Following Suit, Aki and I See Who Gets the Diamond First

I set up my Second Life avatar in the last few days as well, Desi Stoneage. Don't ask why I chose the name. The way it works in SL lets you pick your own first name, but you have to choose from a list of provided last names. I felt like picking something odd. Its only my Second Life after all.

So in my first day of being a Second Lifer, Aki (Spicer, not Octagon) tipped me off to a little H&M goodie. Inside their store within SL, they have chairs set up in the lobby for people to sit. The cool part is, the longer you sit, the more gifts you rack up.

If you sit for 120 minutes, you get some blinged out diamond studs.
Sit for 240, its a diamond cross pendant necklace.
For 360 mins, you get a "formal diamond necklace".

All prizes worth a solid chunk of Linden dough. And since I really don't have much use for that formal diamond necklace (not like I have a wife in Second Life), I figure I can cash that in somewhere for the hard cash. I wonder what I'll buy first.

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