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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Mass Interactive: The Massive Joke Punchline

Reader Jason Rose sought our input about his Massive Joke, an effort to auction off the opportunity for a business to embed itself at the centre of a branded stand-up comedy spot that he would write, record and then post on YouTube. Product placement meets audience co-creation.

Well, the bidding recently closed on eBay and - an Australian online recruitment company - bought this exclusive opportunity for $610.

Jason tells us, "Clearly, it wasn't the million bucks I had hoped for, but it certainly vindicated the time I put into bringing the idea to life. I think because they are an online company and hold themselves out as being cutting-edge and open to new ideas, they thought that for $610 they don't have that much to lose."

Drumroll, please... Ladies and gents, here is Jason Rose and his Massive Joke on YouTube:

Jason further adds, "Who knows? Now that a listed, mainstream company has endorsed the project, it may well be that other companies would be willing to get onboard if I was to offer another round."

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Cool idea. I don't know if the people watching his spot on YouTube will feel manipulated if they find out it's an ad. But points for a different thought.