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Friday, November 10, 2006

Inbox of Immaturity

Don't want to overwhelm my readers (our department), so here are 7 links to help you call it a week:
Forget eHarmony and just settle for Brian
The State Season 1 is now available on DVD
Hot Swing Mashup of Swing Blade & Swingers
Mr. Rogers in a little different situation than Aki's post on his plea for public television
Watch out for something other than YouTube videos
Mike O’Connell + Dr. Ken = Red Vines (yes, that is so out that it's back in)
And finally, FedEx dumped via text

Until next time, keep it immature.


Mnels said...

I saw Borat this weekend in a Suburban multi-plex (Plymouth). The experience suffered from two factors. 1. There's no way it could live up to the hype. 2. The audience.

I often wonder if producers should employ "hype management" of some sort. Maybe I am unusual, but when ads point to reviews that proclaim "funniest film ever", I am immediately skeptical and actually look for flaws. It was funny, but "funniest" may be a stretch.

As for the Suburban audience, it was mostly 40ish and 50ish white collar couples (like me/wife). I suspect that most audience members spent most of the film wondering "Is it ok to laugh at this joke?". During some jokes, especially those about Jews, there were audible gasps, and the few whose enthusiasm broke the unwritten suburban code of reserved, politeness, their raucous laughs seemed to echo for minutes at a time.

I would bet this scenario is playing out in Suburbs nationwide. If you want to feed off the audience, I would stick to more urban or youthful venues. Oh, and I dare you not to turn away during the "wrestling" scene. It haunts.

Anonymous said...
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