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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The boundaries of color - and brand opportunity - know no limits

What a marvelous idea.

Hair has long been women’s richest playground for endless experimentation, discovery and self expression. So why not extend the relationship by tapping into a whole new territory.? ‘Color for hair down there’ as the Betty Beauty brand touts does exactly that.

Beyond the (one hopes) temporary pigment, for a brand to dominate this space (irresistible) one can imagine two ways it could make a connection that tap into this grooming act:

1. Secret indulgence: I’m ‘wearing shocking pink and no-one knows’ (Much like lingerie wearing)

2. Discovery: ‘Wow: I’d never thought she was so adventurous…!’ (Coloring as foreplay?)

Of course, what’s most powerful about a woman’s relationship with her hair (and coloring) above the equator is that its expressiveness is an act of public consumption. While judgment on this suggestion is tempting it must be resisted. Public expressiveness of pubic hair would be nothing more than turning full circle and in today’s modern age returning to coloring behavior from our past. Tribes using pigments sourced locally from plant and flowers often applied them to skin as well as multiple areas of hair on the body to draw attention to those parts deemed important in attracting or engaging a mate, much as eyeliner, mascara and lipstick do today. We are our history. One wonders if a brand is going to be bold enough to seize the possibility.

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Anonymous said...

You wrote:
"1. Secret indulgence: I’m ‘wearing shocking pink and no-one knows’ (Much like lingerie wearing)"

I would like to comment the later. Lingerie might have been but is no longer a secret indulgence. It has become an accessory that now aims at being exposed.

Trouser cuts are getting lower around waistband and bright-coloured lingerie are now displayed to vivid eyes. I am not necessary mentioning panties emerging from loose baggy pants of some cool dudes. But fine lingerie.

And to boot, you can even accessorise your accessory now that some shops sell String jewels! See here: