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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Mass Interactive: Save The Virgin

I am late to this phenomenon, but seems this lonely 30-year-old needs all our help (and voyeurism) in meeting Mr. Right-On. Check out her ongoing updates at Jane Magazine and cast your mass votes and voice your positions on this real-time soap opera.

AKI COMMENT: Maybe the big event will be webcast live (and I suspect her ratings could even give Superbowl a good run)!


Anonymous said...

We were talking about virgins just last night. How over rated they are. How much they cling to you afterwards. It's all hard work, inexperience, trauma, messy and unsatisfactory, and now I see that someone else is putting their virginity on ebay.

Let's face it any man could be the worlds worst lover and she wouldn't know the difference.

Lastly there is only one thing worse than a 20 year old virgin. That's a 30 year old virgin. You can have her with our blessing.

Johnnie & Charles (Ad sluts)

Martin H said...

I love the contrast between her quest and the magazine's strapline - "For women who get it".

Or maybe just really, really want to get it?

El Gaffney said...

But The 40 Year Old Virgin is underrated.
There was a girl who did this without going thru a magazine, but just to find mr. right; no talk of losing the v-card. Maybe she should Settle For Brian.

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Shelly Smith said...

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