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Friday, November 17, 2006

Inbox of Immaturity

Congrats Emmitt! So while Aki and Desi are putzing around in Second Life, I'm making sure the rest us have an equally entertaining diversion. Here's the goodness for the week:

Really one standout fwd this week in the form of Japanese TV's "Chimpan News". The shows lead is “"There are 13.5 million elementary school students in Japan. The number of registered dogs is 17 million. Therefore TV stations should create programs for animals, rather than children. So this is the program for animals, presented by animals." See the camel's amazing tux

Also we have some solid music for the hip hop afficionados:
Sick freestyle impersonation by Aries Spears
The new Nas and Jay-Z collabo

And finally some COLLEGE! love:
Van Wilder 2 without van: The Rise of Taj
Students at my alma mater find a loophole

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