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Monday, March 19, 2007

Trend: Return to Simplicity :: Mims

An unlikely example of an oft-observed trend that stems from increased choice, complexity, information, and overall nonsense/bullshit is what I, upon first (and second and tenth) hearing, would have described as "more ridiculously dumb and unnecessary shit." However, the charts have proven me wrong as hip hop artist Mims catapulted to #1 on the Billboard Charts last week with his first single, "This is Why I'm Hot".

But now that I've put down the Hateorade, I hear the beauty (and profitability) in its simplicity. In fact, I didn't have to listen very hard since Mims actually outlines his plan/sums it up with one line in the first verse: "I could sell a mil', sayin' nothin' on a track." Combine that to the familiar samples that put the hip-hop enjoying masses in our rap comfort zone. And even note the obviousness of using his rap name/legal last name as an acronym for his first album title -- M.I.M.S. - Music Is My Savior. You've got yourself a hit like Norbit. (Rhyme intended.)

For a better and graphical interpretation of this song, check out this amazing article from the Village Voice.

And in case you haven't checked out the video:

"To be continued"?

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