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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Inbox of Immaturity: March Madness Continues

You mean you didn't fill out an NIT bracket this year? Maybe you had a viewing party at your crib then? No. Well did you at least cozy up on your couch solo with a nice bucket of popcorn?

Sorry, I spent the years between Iverson and JTIII at Gtown, so I have some built up resentment. Plus, I missed the living legend Dikembe Mutombo, but heard tales of this legendary night.

In case you're less of a bball fan, but still want your fill of immaturity, here you have it: CGI disaster, National Anthem disaster, and Rap lyrics disaster - who knows though it could be the next club banger.

1 comment:

petar said...

speaking of bball, it's nice to seen some planners who can get excited by terms as Kevid Durant, Acie Law and Oden. although the ncaa is not covered much in Europe, web 2.0 (youtube) allows me to see some of the finest talent since 'Melo. if u wanna read some good stuff chack out bill simmons (page 2 espn),but i think that i am preaching to the coir and u already konw about him..

can't wait to see Durant in a Celtic shirt...