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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Black Sheep of Advertising: Ronco/Ron Popeil

"But wait, there's more!"

How did Ron Popeil build an empire on the kind of advertising that, technically, defies every single rule of "good" advertising? Well, that's just're concerned about finesse and refinement!

The key rule he disregards is "less is more" fact, for Ronco, "More Is More". And more is good. These spots are dense with so much information and stimulation for the brain, they just never end.

Secret Sauce Revealed: Ronco taps into American propensity for MORE, excess, the unbeatable bargain. Look at it this way-we don't care that the BK Stacker is sub-par dining, we only care that there is 3 honkin' layers of meat, cheese, onions and mayo, and 2-for-1, too, plus a side o' fries for only .25? Oooooweee, I'll take 2 orders!

Ronco is offering more than the cheezy gadget, he's offering unbridled abundances, all-you-can-eat, 5-in-one, all for the low-low price of next-to-nothing!

Ginzu Knife II

Ginzu Knife I

Mr Microphone

Armourcote II

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