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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"Package Up" Your Packaging

Got an email from Aki this morn, titled "funny observation" and which read, "this link still drives em in aftr all this time (14 yesterday alone) i always see it in the most linkd box...the gift that keeps on giving (for better or worse)." (Note: I printed this without Aki's permission.)

He was probably trying to coax me into post a "Dick In the Box" remix, but instead I remembered this post at Kottke.Org, which I some how "Stumbled Upon the other day. (Note: I didn't actually use this service.)

Seems that Gatorade may have lucked out (or knew all along) when designing its bottle for a mostly male sports drink consumer. It's not just the urinal peek or the locker room full exposure anymore; it's an AREA OF EXPERTISE.

Focus and learn men, focus and learn.

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