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Friday, March 09, 2007

Inbox of Immaturity

Though I missed it, I'm going to start off this week's IOI with a shoutout to Piers and the PSFK Conference. Not suggesting that it was at all adolescent, rather because of a note that Michael sent me about one of the speakers/speeches.

Namely, the founder and editor of Deal Breaker, Elizabeth Spiers attribution of her site's success to its ability to provide guilt-free entertainment to its finance-guy and -gal audience. And because it is so niche and witty, it rewards the readers' intelligence and sense of belonging. I think that's a really great observation (heard there were some insight vs. observation discussions as well), and would apply it to the IOI in the following way:

Read this article from The Onion and think about how it makes you feel (assuming your in the mktg/adv field). I, for one, feel not just rewarded, but also a sense of ownership of it, and thus am compelled to act (send it to my friends, especially the non-mktg ones). By the way, ever notice how The Onion always uses Leo Burnett as the agency - love it.

Anyway, what's great about our industry (and planning specifically) is that we can justify just about anything as "peripherally-related" (a thought a few people probably take into tax season) and in fact make it our job to stay culture-current. So with that said, here are a few more relevant links...

Gotta keep up on Fox's Lost. Plus there's an added design bonus with the Photoshop use. Presenting: John Locke Speed Painting. TV aside, let's take a "quick" look at this year's AA-winning (AA used with purpose). Presenting: The Departed. (Yes, I agree, this is type of editting is getting f'in played out.) Speaking of the Oscars, I don't have to tell you that penguins have been having a great year, though hip hop/rap is on the decline. Presenting: Gangsta Feet. And finally what's really going down in local advertising—not the mini-mall again, but a man who believes and is out to profitably prove, "the second amendment is live and well. Presenting: Don's Guns.

I'll end this post with one of my favorite Onion articles of all time. Happy weekend. Go Hoyas!

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