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Monday, March 12, 2007

Culture: Nike Sponsored Music Videos

Culture? Or Advertising?
Either way, it's fresh.

Kanye West, Nas, Rakim and KRS-One perform a new, Rick Rubin-produced original song (remixed by Premier), dedicated to the 25th year anniversary of Nike's Air Force 1. And openly commissioned by Nike.

If you don't know, the Air Force 1 sneaker has become a staple of fashion in the Hip-Hop community and has been the topic of several songs (most unpaid), including Nelly's No. 1 hit, "Air Force One's." The sneaker was created in 1982 and has remained one of Nike's top selling shoes for over two decades.

Git dat audio here:
DJ Premier Remix asx
Rick Rubin Original


El Gaffney said...

So much cool shit been (and being) done for the 25th Anniversary of AF1s. For ex: check out the "Silver Service" bike - (scroll to March 5th). Could do without Kayne on the track though - get Luda on it instead.

Mark Lewis said...

why do an ad when you can commission something like this

El Gaffney said...

MTV actually had an event/show commemorating the shoe where these guys performed. (Compare that to the cost of running some Nike commercials on MTV.) Additional note: All co + artist proceeds went to its Force4Change Fund. Just looking at iTunes alone, you see the way they deliver outside of traditional advertising and media - from workout music for running to football videos.

mikekarnj said...

W+K worked with Kanye West to come out with a new AF1 co-branded with Tiffany. Look out for it if it's not out already.

Did anyone else call these shoes fatheads?

El Gaffney said...

Nope, that's gotta be a more southern thing. Are you talking about these——the Nike Dunk SB Tiffanies or something? Think they're skateboarding kicks not AF1s, but either way, they've got crock.

Thankfully they never brough Kayne's Workout Plan to life! I avoid that video like MTV's Engaged and Underage. In randomly related news, saw Marky Mark's old workout video on Leno last night. Love when he talks about the real Johnny Drama.

mikekarnj said...

Do you have a link for the real Johnny Drama?

Here's what I was talking about - found the link

El Gaffney said...

sweet. thanks. the real johnny drama is a guy named john alves - mark wahlberg's cousin: or see the ny times article -
no pic yet.

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