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Friday, March 10, 2006

Week in the Inbox of Immaturity

It's been a slower one... what, my friends are actually working? Wait a minute, not so fast. Think before you jump(shot) to conclusions. The NCAA men's bball regular season has come to an end, and conference tournaments have begun - with games playing right smack in the middle of our weekDAYs. Plus, between Kirby's passing and Bond's (Barry, not James) illegal behavior, most of the time in the office was spent arguing mourning and arguing. So needless to say, it's been a rather disappointing week, but maybe you'll find one or two unskunked brewskis in this Natty Light Sixer:

6. Another one for the 24 fans:
5. Not nearly as good as Lazy Sunday, but at least you're watching it legally:
4. More for the bball peeps. Everyone likes dunks:
3. See we read too:
2. As a "Strong Island" boy, I feel strongly about this:
1. Music to your eyes:

Expect the same mediocre links next week with the start of the tourney, but be thankful I didn't put on list. I'm completely impartial.

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