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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Advertising: Matt Groening's Apple ad

I just came across an Apple brochure Matt Groening illustrated in 1989 for students (and obviously "gen x-ers", I might add). As the Simpson's popularity was growing in it's early days, looks like Matt did some extra work to supplement the bank account. But I wonder how many college students actually had their own computers circa 1989?

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Mnels said...

This is a character from Groening's "Life in Hell" strip that was common in college newspapers everywhere. It was a stand-out strip and captured the growing wry cynicism of the time (Reagan era with a Blondie beat). Boomer/Xer transition period. As an '85 grad, I can confirm that not many had their own PCs save the nerds with Commodore 64s. However, even then it was impossible to get through business, marketing or J-school sequences without taking arcane programming courses (Basic, Cobal,Fortran). I spent many frustrating hours proofing lengthy code sequences that more or less added A to B. You youngsters have no idea. Memories, sigh.