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Monday, March 20, 2006

Poll: Worst Company in America

In keeping with March Madness bracket mania, has been running a poll recently to rank the Worst Company in America.

AKI COMMENT: Not that this poll is very scientific, but interesting nevertheless.

To Mark+Adrian's recent points, seems like WalMart always sweeps the villain awards while Target slips by on the angel pass. And why is that, anyway? Surely all this is in the branding, right? Could it be that Target "feels" less like a mission for capitalist expansion, and more like a mission for humanist progression? Besides the design ideals, they are essentially the flipsides of the same coin with the same mission. Target certainly intends to get a store on every corner just like their rival WalMart (if only with better designed products and less emphasis on the rock-bottomist price) and I dunno if any workers are better paid or better treated than WalMart. In fact, living in Minneapolis, one could almost feel sorry for poor underdog WalMart who can barely get a corner here for all the Targets dominating the 'burbs...poor WalMart, all the guy wanted to do was give us the lowest price - always. Pity the poor smiley face.

On an up note, our US Govt and US Postal Srvc gave it a good run for the trophy (though I dunno if they count as companies - though they might run better if they were).


Seth said...

the organic movement - wal-mart vs. whole foods. place your bets!

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