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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Music Adoption Curve: Is the “Blair-Brinker constant” slower than Time Magazine??

A while back we set out to define the “Blair - Brinker” constant of music adoption (is it a power curve? Is it cosmologically significant??) using Arctic Monkeys as the test case... from Magnus’s post to when Greg started listening.

Well since the brass-balled boys are now in Time (,10987,1158963,00.html) I think it’s fair to say we’ve hit a certain point in the curve where it’s no longer anything close to ‘adopter’ status. The proverbial horse has bolted.

So I’ve asked Greg if he has any on his playlist yet…. Stay tuned for the fascinating results.

1 comment:

Lachlan said...

Results in...

Greg says "What's up with arctic monkeys, again?"

and follows up to say he doesn't have them, but he's sure Adrian knows all about them