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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Trend: People going insane

The talkback on the Cnet story about color sight was fascinating in itself I was reading down and there's a debate on intelligent design versus evolution, right there on Cnet. One of the posters cites a study that Zogby did which shows almost 70% of Americans believe that creationism and evolution ought to be taught together in schools.

Holy Shit, OMFG. Whatever.


AKI SYSTEMS 2600 said...

now that's just plain silly!

EVERYONE KNOWS that humans evolved from an alien experiment. the egyptians documented all this on the walls of the pyramid.

doesn't anybody read?

when the aliens (aka "the grays" or "the reticulans") returned in 1946 to check on their human antfarm called earth, their vessel crashed and our US gov't recovered the alien technology and thus explains the vast technical advances we made in less than a century.

religions were created by the aliens, and fostered by primitive humans to explain complex developments to humans in a way that we could understand (sorta like reading kids fairy tales and fables to explain complex realities like thunder and wind).

so, really, both "scientific histories" and religious fables alike are red herrings to distract us from the mind-bending reality that we are descendents of the aliens.

but you'll never see them put that bit of real history in the schools, huh? no, cuz they're afraid of what we'd do if we all knew. so they'd rather we distract oursleves with debates about religions and evolving frogs.

know your real history...teach our kids reality.

Anonymous said...

Dear Aki Systems 2600,

Since you brought it up, your comment reminded me of something I read from my Dad's "library" when I was in junior high.

A book called "Chariots of the Gods" by Erich Von Daniken. It built a suprisingly good case for alien influence.

Plus, have you seen Alien versus Predator?

I rest our case.

AKI SYSTEMS 2600 said...


There you go. It's all in a book! And a good book is half the battle in selling in any belief system! What luck! It sounds like this book should be placed on the school reading list.

Now that we have our story and a book, we need to petition congress and spend public resources on court debate to get our truth in the schools' curricula. Write your mayors, call your senators. Get the truth of our alien ancestry in the classrooms!

Who's with me on this?

It is only fair that our truth be at least presented in conjunction with other beliefs - if you believe in morphing frogs, and bearded dudes in the clouds baking humans out of clay-then you gotta give our belief a proper chance to be heard, too!

BTW, what are we calling our belief? We need a sexy pseudo-science name that gives the idea credibility, and warmth. Think on that one.

Anonymous said...

It has to be a combination of words: extraterrestrial and evolution.

-alienism (alien+creationism)

We'll have to brainstorm some more...but next we must create a flag. Or some sort of visual identity/cue. Christianity had Jesus on the cross... we need to show the superiority of the aliens teaching us lowly humans. Let's try to stay away from any anal probing visuals, eh.

Long live Xenu.

AKI SYSTEMS 2600 said...

Evoterrestrial is good. makes it sound not so crackpot. kinda like Dianetics and Scientology. our logo can be a cupped palm (think the Allstate logo) with a human adam and eve growing in the hand. put a plant in there between them to represent earth. and we need some celebrities to sign up. tom cruise and isaac hayes are scientologists and they evangelize everywhere. isaac hayes publicly quit South Park cuz of their ridicule of Scientology! we need a good celebrity alignment with our belief. we gotta think on that strategy.