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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Social Media is the New CRM

Noticed yesterday that Home Depot is now on Twitter and answering questions in the vein of Frank over on ComcastCares...I thought this post was a succinct display of the Generosity, CRM responsiveness, and "added value" derived from HomeDepot's social media efforts.

More models for how brands may upgrade CRM and advance value on the social webs.


mikej said...

I completely agree that social media is the new CRM. Learning about what people like, love hate, who they are, their actions. Sounds like CRM to me. But only better

Anonymous said...

It´s really nice but not the new CRM to me! If less than 30% in USA use social media and this people have similar behaviors... I think nice talk is still better and will be for a long time, specially with those fake users, I´ve got a man and a woman.

Sorry Mike, I´m in a bad mood today!

Aki, you should post more often. I´m missing some nice chats.

Beto B.

mikej said...

no worries mate. Everyone has bad days...

I agree with your call about similar behaviors. But my view is that all digital media will be social. I believe the UK are pushing it considerably due to the BBC. They made their website customisable and also iplayer is broaden social media out. 22% of downloads on iplayer are people over 55+. A broader population have a greater access to it here and I dont think it will take long elsewhere. Twitter is a weird one. But others for sure. Check out our research here

We are talking about a reasonable chunk of the US and other markets as well.

I think the key part is 'NEW'. To decide to buy and then fully implement a CRM system takes a while. I think we need to help clients get ahead of the game.
As the time it takes to create a system around it, the money and changing the way a company works will take time. Look at what dells done.
You cant do that overnight. But if we start now it will be more widespread.
Hope your feeling better today

Beto Bina said...

Useful research and really cool blog, Mike!
I just don´t like too much Paulo Coelho!



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