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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Politics 2.0: Motivequest Tracks Political Brand Advocacy

MotiveQuest uses online advocacy as a measure to guage Election '08. Contrast this tool against the "expert" polls and let's see in November. At stake here in this experiment is a battle royale between the reliability of classic poll "ask" research versus online anthropology "listen" research. Whatever the outcome in November, it is increasingly clear that planners will need to balance the two measures (what they say in our survey trackers, and what they say on the web) to get a nuanced understanding of how our brands are perceived in the age of conversation/participation.


Anonymous said...

Aki, you are a self-obsessed bell-end who contiually whitters on about how smart you are.

Which means you're not.

The rest of us don't need to compensate.

Rob Senior

AKI SYSTEMS 2600 said...

Duly noted "Rob"...sorry you feel that way. "Unsubscribe" is always an option for you in a wide open and free blogosphere. Thanks for your feedback.

jarito said...

Hello Aki.

Thanks for sharing, I think it's pretty cool.

erin said...

thank you for bringing the ask vs. listen research idea to my attention. It's a grand observation! I've been discussing research "systems" of late within my agency, wondering if we can make changes, how we can re-evaluate the process to make it more modern in scope. I'm still looking for the perfect balance between the online social dialogue (listen) and the one-way (ask) traditional research we've been forwarded today. :p

Tom O'Brien said...

Hi Aki:

Thanks for posting - we are in production on this BrandAdvocacy08 right now and it is getting some great traction.

One of the reasons we did this is because we think political polls and marketing research surveys suffer from many of the same flaws including participation bias, suggestion bias and framing bias. Online anthropology is looking across the web at naturally occurring conversations, passion and advocacy.


Rabjohns Blog said...

Check out the latest comparison with the poll of polls scroll down to the data section.

Joe Pittsburg said...

I love the post Aki. Looking forward on reading your future post.

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