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Monday, September 08, 2008

Community 2.0: Entourage on Whrrl

New social net Whrrl (think Yelp! meets Facebook meets Brightkite/Dodgeball meets Dopplr) is trying to gain groundswell with a nifty collabo with HBO's Entourage. Befriend the crew and get personal guides/recommendations/reviews of LA from the characters like they were "real" people.

More examples(+/-) of social media blurring the lines for "fictional" characters (stay tuned for a Case Study and vid of our own activity with Sci-Fi Network's Eureka TV show.


sean h said...

Weird. The other day I wrote up an idea that takes learnings from social media to bring fictional tv characters to the real world... and I used the entourage boys as an example:

AKI SYSTEMS 2600 said...

I like your thinking SeanH...definitely in agreement with your points on your blog. I also like that term you coined: "TV Reality"...consider it borrowed (with attributions, of course).

I have observed for some time the rapid proliferation of "FAKE" CHARACTERS (, fans just love a show/character so much that they start channeling that character's voice. From Borat, to the Battlestar Galactica peeps, to Colbert, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, the list is endless (

This observation only points to AN UNMET NEED THAT TV NETS ARE NOT FILLING. Fans want to live the life and talk to their favorite show characters, to them, these are "real people" who they would love to hang out with beyond the one hour weekly. Networks are missing an big opportunity to touch the fans via social media.

sean h said...

Thanks Aki! Completely agree about this unmet need.

Another proof point: for years we’ve heard celebs say that when they meet fans, many confuse them with the characters they play. That’s because fans want to interact with those characters more than their actors. So why not let them?