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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Live From OMMA Mobile

Greetings from NYC. I'm here for MediaPost's OMMA Mobile, a one-day conference dedicated to the future of mobile marketing.

The conference is just about to start, and I'll attempt to live blog throughout the day whenever I've accumulated enough shareable stuff.

I admit I'm not "mobile blogging". As evidenced by my mobile misfire post below ("Sent from Gmail for mobile..."), Blogger's mobile tools weren't easy enough for me to abandon blogging wirelessly from my laptop (but I did snap the above photo with my phone).

The opening speaker has taken the stage, so I'm gonna go. Will I be learning all about slapping banner ads on mobile sites (yawn)? Or will I hear about cool SMS marketing techniques based on a user's situation, location (see yesterday's exciting NY Times article about CBS Mobile), and/or personal profile.

Crossing my fingers it's more of the latter. Last thing, check out Mozes. They're here offering text-your-question-for-the-panel technology.

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