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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Pefect Storm: NH Hotel PR Stunt

NH Hoteles, a Spanish hotel chain, recognized the stress of modern business travelers and schemed up a therapy session. Thirty lucky winners will be let loose in one of NH's hotel rooms with mallets and hardhat to release their aggression. You might think that's pretty sweet, until hearing the detail that these people were psychologist-selected--my question: what was the criteria? Sane enough to not off someone with a mallet? Or crazy enough to really reduce their demolition costs?

I really hope that NH takes this event and squeezes every opportunity out of it. Wagering on success based on profiles of contestants, creating a virtual reality game, posting footage from a head cam on youtube....

unhinged exec+weapon+lots of glass windows=awesome opportunity.


Age said...

This is a great idea, and I agree... I hope they maximise the "entertainment" level of the idea. The Youtube helmet cam is great, they should also have a plethora of obvious and wacky weapons that they can choose from hanging on a wall.


salina said...

And beyond entertainment, they could shape this into a meaningful conversation with their audience of stressed out execs.

But I really like the idea of someone running around smashing windows and passing a tempting looking mace just hanging out on the wall.