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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Citizen Journalism: Festivus (err....Cannes) For the Rest Of Us!

Not a bad idea. 4 Arnold employees decided that, rather than sit around and wait for Adweek and industry trade to tell them about the Cannes festival this year, why not just crash the damn thing and report from the front lines for those of us not privileged enough to be registered attendees?

"The stuff you won’t hear at the seminars, won’t get printed in the trade pubs, the stuff that’s more likely overheard at the bar aka Cannes’t HQ."

While not an overt campaign for the Arnold brand, it's an example of an agency doing something clever and different to insert itself into culture and create a buzz, something that puts the attention on them instead of clients.

Peep the first in a series of videos (on Arnold's website as well as YouTube) explaining what it is they're trying to do over there...

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