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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Eco-Metrics: Part 1

Monitor your energy use or carbon footprint with these iPhone and/or Android apps.


MeterRead - Reduce the amount of energy you are using by monitoring it. Keep tabs on your electric meters.

Recycler - Quick access to what kind of plastics can be included in your recycling bin.

Local Reuse - Reuse stuff you no longer want by giving it to others who need it.

GreenMeter - Designed to help you adjust your driving habits in order to reduce CO2 emissions and save you money on gas. App measure forward acceleration, computes engine power and fuel economy, fuel cost, carbon footprint, and oil consumption.


SugarTrip - (coming soon) Helps you avoid traffic jams so you save carbon emissions. Using the GPS unit in the phone, it measures how quickly you’re traveling. Users can plan their trips according to where traffic is located, helping to cut back on pollution by avoiding idling.

Ecorio - Carbon footprint calculator that track your movement. Mode of travel choices include automobile, public transit and bicycle.
- “RIO” Reduce, Inspire, and Offset.

  • “Reduce” suggests carpool options via Zimride, a service that matches up drivers and passengers who wish to use less fuel by traveling together instead of as one.
  • “Inspire” feature offers a Twitter-like social networking to communicate with other Ecorio users. Tapping a user’s profile icon displays their location and how many pounds of emissions they’re responsible for so far.
  • “Offset,” which links to a site that accepts credit cards to purchase offsets from Carbonfund.

And finally, read about how Google is planning to enter the Eco-Metrics arena.

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