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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Politics 2.0: We Are The Ones

In just the latest example of creatives having a crush on Obama, has dropped another video in support of Barack (just under 200,000 hits on YouTube a day after posting).

To me, these videos show that the most powerful message in Barack's campaign may not be "change" or even "hope", but rather "WE". The power of community is what has propelled this campaign, and efforts like this show how devoted that community is and what it's willing to do to further the cause.

Will be curious to see if this one manages to sustain the kind of buzz and popularity that Yes We Can did. But either way, good PR to have just before the contests in Ohio and Texas next week.


justinph said...

Seems like more of the same. I like this new one better: Barack OBollywood.

avin said...

Actually, I'd have to disagree that it's more of the same. I think a stark contrast between this vid and the first piece is that you don't see Barack at all in this one, even if his voice is heard.

Emphasizing the point of "we" as the power behind it, how often does a video/commercial/etc in support of a candidate not even show the candidate?

Julie, writer said...

Somewhere along the way, I think people began to forget about the power of the community. Throughout the years, people began to feel that they can accomplish things on their own or with the use of technology. The old-fashioned ways of helping one another as a community slowly disappeared. But community is a powerful thing.

Niko H (nomme du guerre) said...

you campaign in poerty, but govern in prose.

I wonder what wil be done after he possibly wins the election. what is his after sales gonna be?

he is trying to get elected, thats why he is in wii-mode. once he is in, he cannot rely on his tribal message, for he is chief off all americans. this might dissapoint his in-group, and confirm the thinking of the out-groups.

His re-election campaign should in all fairness be starting now with a subplot of acting like commander in chief already (how silly it may sound), because the waves he is creating will be hard to emulate in 4 years.

perhaps he should play it cool more and distance himself from his campaign tribe...

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