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Monday, March 10, 2008

Generation Gap

With the previous SXSW post in mind, I was reading my daily dose of the NYT and found this interesting article about companies collecting data for behavior targeting for banner ads. Thinking about what the teens at SXSW said about wanting behavior targeting and how creeped out adults seem from companies knowing too much about them, I'm left with another big hunk of generation gap evidence.

As advertisers, what can we do about this? If 85% of adults don't want websites collecting data (as the NYT article says), but teens want more behavior targeted ads... well, where does that leave us for now? My opinion is that no matter what way you cut the cake, the more relevant information you deliver, the better. If personal privacy is taken care of, and people realize that the data collection doesn't hurt them, but instead improves their online experience, then maybe behavior targeting will take off.

Only time will tell as the web companies and privacy advocates duke it out, but in the meantime I think it is still our duty to do our best to be relevant to the consumers. Thoughts?

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