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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Are we changing our collective understanding of green? The study of semiotics delves into the meaning behind what we see, and helps provide insight on what we should include where to create a desired impression.

So we all know that black=death or power or elegance.

And red=passion, fire, or danger.

And green=earth, growth, or money.
But let’s concentrate on that first one: earth. Growing concern over our environmental and ecological health and future has led to an uptick in green imagery in our everyday lives. But in this heated and prevalent conversation, a new association is developing: green=good. As the ambassador of efforts to preserve our planet, green is getting a lot of positive attention; is it possible or likely that we are in the midst of a mass shift of what it means? One step further, what does that mean for brands, like BP and Starbucks, that already have a toehold on green (and what it can mean for their stock prices)?

Color futurists, semioticians and anyone else with an opinion….whaddya think?


Charles Frith said...

There's other cultures too consider too.

salina said...

Yes, this is very true. I thought about that when I was posting, and decided to keep my commentary within the scope of American culture (should have put an asterisk in there). The other thing to consider, then, is how an increasingly interconnected world will begin to cross wires on the meaning of colors.

Thanks for your comment.