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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Help Wanted: Connection Planners @ Fallon

You might be a Connection Planner and you don’t know it.

If you work in politics and your job is to create complex communication strategies to narrowcast to multiple target audiences all towards one big defining win. You think of everything as an opportunity to extend your message: the photo op, the setting, the PR spin, the sound byte, whether or not to tell people the candidate windsurfs . . . You have passion for using communications to convince people to believe in something – a person, a cause, an idea.

If you work in the media department of an ad agency but you’re a strategic thinker. You find yourself awash in tchotkes, boondoggles, flow charts, and Excel spreadsheets. When what really interests you is the big idea. And we’re not talking about tactics, we’re talking about the big strategic idea. The thing that makes it all go. You’re more interested in building the Velcro wall for the other guys (some who work in media) to know what should stick.

If you work in music or film and your job is to give albums or films their moment in time. You understand the communications complexity to making a film “open” weekend one, and the necessary actions before and after. You understand how the Web has changed music, and that some of today’s most popular bands were built by pasting small together over and over until it was BIG (see Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco, etc.), and by urban street teaming and word of mouth (see hip hop, the mix tape).

If you work in planning but your heart is in popular culture not research. If you find you’re less interested in giving birth to the big idea, and more interested in raising it in today’s fascinating new media world. If you consider yourself more street smart than book smart. If you think you can learn a lot about communication strategy from American Idol, P. Diddy, and You’ve read the marketing books, but you want to bring them to life, to take action, not just philosophize. You know what's wrong, now you want the opportunity to do something about it.

Sound like you?

If so, you’re already doing Connection Planning. Call Fallon to get paid.

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mikekarnj said...

Great job description!

Unknown said...

This job description sounds like, well, it IS me!

DJ/media agency strategist interested more in the ideas/pop culture junkie that could care less for research. Hits the nail on the head.

I'm finding a way to move to Minneapolis.

mikej said...

yeah cool rundown

I wonder if instead of recruiters you can utilise a tool to search blogs of people within certain fields. This way you could get an understanding of the person before they walk in the door.

You would probably already know those things about Dino. Then you just need to persuade him to move

Anonymous said...

oh my god, I found myself. but I'm still a student, and probably nobody wants to invest in this "new kid of brilliant mind" but OK I'll have my time! WRONG, choose me, I have never work in planning, but it's the way I moving, just need the opportunity.

Anonymous said...


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