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Friday, April 20, 2007

Communities of tomorrow: linked by commonalities and networks online but anonymous in the physical space?

is a google map mashup that lets people hide a gift and mark it on the map for others to find. Searchers ideally hide new gifts, or pass along their newfound treasure. Then everyone talks about it online. There’s no face-to-face aspect about it, and I imagine that meeting a fellow dropspotter would be kind of weird.

There’s a dropspot in mpls and I’m going to check it out this weekend; I’ll report back on Monday.


Anonymous said...

not if i get there first

daniel said...

i guess its something like (sorry for everyone who cant read swedish, which is about everyone else i guess...)

its all about finding 'treasures' other ppl hide, using a gps, and their directions or something..

/daniel - us+sweden

salina said...

I came, I saw....and I determined my dropspot gift must be a corn kernel I found on the ground...because that was the only interesting thing around. The spot was in a high foot traffic place, so I can see how someone might have gotten there before me. dammit, though! being a sleuth was a fun enough second place prize, I guess.