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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fallon Brainfood: Return of the Real Hero—From Caricature to Character

Join us for the next installment of Fallon Brainfood, Thursday January 15th at 1pm EST/12pm CST.  

Topic: Return of the Real Hero—From Caricature to Character

Through the lens of the superhero and pop culture, we'll explore the heightened relevance of heroes, what it means to be a hero today, and how brands can empower your inner hero. Presented by account planner Alyson Heller and planning intern Courtney Kuehn. 

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Slide 13: Christina Aguilera

Slide 19: SuperHero Comic Guru Interview

With thanks to our interviewees, including blogger Geoff Boucher, "Hero Complex," at the LA Times. 

Check back tomorrow for additional clips, links, and information. 


windo said...

nice prezo today. some more bran archetypes.

there's also a gentlemen by the name of Stephen Fisher that has dome a lot of work on brand archetypes. a lot of what he presents is consistent with what was presented today.

thanks again for making these available on the www

Courtney Kuehn said...

Thanks for joining us. Glad you enjoyed. I'll check out Stephen's blog...

alyson said...

Windo - Thanks for tuning in and for the additional resources. We've had other good feedback and links trickling in; look for a recap with expanded source list in the next few days.

Tyler Turnbull said...

Very nice presentation. Amazing stat about the top 10 films of 2008.

I think that hero's give consumers comfort and inspire them (even for a few hours) about their own potential.

Brands that tap into this desire can make big in roads - especially during this economic downturn.

Great presentation. Thanks for sharing.


windo said...

another caped-crusader brand:

been seeing billboards here in LA with this superhero theme for POM.