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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Guilty Pleasure: OS Bape

Fashion appareller Bathing Ape's website is more like an Operating System that loads onto your computer, not on the web per se. Nothing dangerous happens, prob not sticky enough to leave it on forever, but an interesting approach toward maintaining Bape's "band apart" ideals. Accepting this BAPE OS is sorta like bondage games - with a brand you like.
The top left corner (consider it the safeword) exits out when you're bored with it...or gotta get work done. It actually works in the background on my MacBook, so you may never need to exit out, actually.

A great strategy for a passion brand like uber-luxe Bape...the average Wal-Mart and Meineke Mufflers prob can't roll like this, though.

thnx to Simon Law for the pointr.

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shi zhan said...

Ray Banのキャラバンブームは、20世紀の70年代に始まったそうだ。1973年、女性のファッションには、「毎日レイバン サングラスを着用してください」と主張したらしい。レイバン wayfarerが毎日でもかけたいあたしにとっては、むしろ理想な時代と呼びたい。