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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fallon Brainfood: The Social 10 Redux

10 Things Marketers Should Know About Social Networking.

On March 26th, 2008, Aki Spicer, strategic planner at Fallon Worldwide, conducted a presentation about social media, using social media, live, across a mashup of social web touchpoints including Fallon Planning Blog on Blogger, Yahoo! Live, NetVibes, Plannersphere on Ning, and Facebook. View the accompanying slides at Slideshare or download the pdf directly to your desktop at Dropio.

Below is the recorded videos (1,2,and 3) and slideshow links of the presentation in case you missed it live on the web:

What is Brainfood?
Brainfood is a monthly all-agency lunch conducted by Fallon Planners. Wide-ranging topics explore trends, business issues, and actionable opportunities for our brands. Moreover, Brainfood offers us a chance to come together, share a beer and some pizza, and engage in a stimulating discussion on a variety of interesting topics that affect our business. Previous topics have included Virtuality, China Rising, Design For All with more stimulating editions still to come.


Beto said...

Is the social virtual relationship getting boring soon? What about feel, smell and touch? I need to give hugs and kisses sometimes! How can I mix it up for a more human relationship!!??

AKI SYSTEMS 2600 said...


I have nothing against hugs. I think one big takeaway is that the social web is the start of a conversation that lead to introductions in the real world.

The social web is connecting me to more peeps, more places and fueling more conversations far and wide with friends and strangers alike. The conversations start on the web, and continue face-to-face.

If we meet in-person, I promise to give you a hug!