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Friday, November 09, 2007

Brainfood: Virtuality

Fallon strategic planners Aki Spicer (Aki Octagon) and Avin Narasimhan (Desi Stoneage) have come back from the future to offer their POV about Virtuality and it’s implications for brands.

One of the hottest debates in marketing circles today is the viability of virtual worlds like Second Life. What are they? What do people do there? Why? What’s in it for me—if anything? We’ve seen companies flooding these worlds, and some are finding it difficult to translate their virtual world presence into real world gains.

The truth is, we traverse virtual dimensions every day without even thinking about it. From financial transactions, to games, to our daily Facebook interactions with friends, Virtuality is a new normal and it impacts many facets of our lives. It is through this lens that we explore what Virtuality means now and in the future, and what our agency needs to know to extract the most from it.

*click to goto Slideshare to view the presentation FULLSCREEN.

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1 comment:

El Gaffney said...

awesome stuff guys - kind of want you to present this one virtually (in Second Life perhaps) - it would force me to go through the process of creating an avatar finally and see what's going on for myself. regardless, i appreciated all the examples and look from both sides. one thing i was having a bit of difficulty with was virtual vs. digital. i know they're not synonymous and don't think you used them that way - i found myself asking: is virtuality part of one's digital life? this helped me make a more clear distinction:
thanks. -seth