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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Social Media: This One Time, When I Googled Myself...

On a random curious tangent during an otherwise productive (hm...for the most part) day, decided to Google my name and see what popped up. Before I started at Fallon, I remember doing this same search and, while I expected the result, was disappointed that it returned nothing. While I'm no Aki Spicer (my paltry 52 web hits is childs' play), I'm doing a bit better than I once was.

Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace...whatever. All of this social media comes up in conversations all the time, and I for one often take for granted the impact all of it has because it's such a natural part of my everyday life. I check Facebook multiple times a day, and barely think twice about how amazing it is that I'm able to stay tapped into friends lives who otherwise I would've lost all connections to.

But as I scrolled through my Google search results, I quickly realized that without social networks, my name would fall into the category of "having no documents matched this search." And while this may be due to my age and level of experience, I wonder what a similar search reveals for the rest of you.

And I don't think it's really a bad thing. For one, I know that all of the superficial Google results on me were, in some way, influenced by me, so there's no surprises. That's not to say that someday, I wouldn't like to have some quotes from big shot sources to my credit (AdAge, still waiting for that phone call).

In the interim though, just happy that I'm Google worthy.


AKI SYSTEMS 2600 said...

Ego Surf puts your Googleness into points scores.
Go ahead, you know u wanna know...
(Mine is 3334 currently).
TweetVolume tells u how much you're being Twitterd about compared to others.
And don't forget you can BlogPulse and Technorati yourself to get latests on whose talkin' bout you and where u rank.
Not that I care about that kinda thing, of course. Strictly academic exercise for me.

avin said...

So that's what you do all day...

"Trends" is all just a cover, really you're just schemin' on ways to up your status in this Web 2.0 world...I'm on to you now.

AKI SYSTEMS 2600 said...

right now you're boosting my google rankings.

missmookie said...

i garnered 255 results, though 0 Ego points :(

Self-Googling. fun time-waster for all.

Katie O'Shea said...

When I Google my name, I get a teenage discus thrower in Ireland, a realtor in Oakland, a Senior Project Manager in Chicago, and the (deceased) married lover of a revolutionary fighter, also in Ireland. If I go by my full name I get a bunch of nuns and a marathon runner in New York City.

I am much more accomplished than I thought I was.