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Friday, July 20, 2007

User-Created: Simpsonize Me!

Aki Simpsoned

Alyson Simpsoned

Adam Simpsoned

Sarah Simpsoned

Murray Simpsoned

Lachlan Simpsoned

Avin Simpsoned

Get Simpsoned here!


salina said...

I am totally hypothesizing the deeper meaning of the character that each of us chose to put on our shirts. Murray's=atheism, Sarah's=I like cats, Adam's=three eyed fish??? Drawin a blank on that one.

Freddie Sirmans said...

Just browsing the internet, very, very interesting blog.

Weiiii said...

Hey, Sarah and Alyson, you girls look great here! :D

salina said...


thank you. you should simpsonize yourself, too!