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Monday, May 14, 2007

Pollution Penance:Yahoo Green

Yahoo launched a campaign called, Be a Better Planet, which aims to find the greenest city in America and provide that city with a fleet of hybrid taxis. The promo ties in Yahoo services like Yahoo Answers, and they’re launching a site called Yahoo Green, which aims to be a hub for all things green.

*Though at this moment, I see this Green search engine as little more than a shell - the searches don't net you anything organized by "green" per se. Some of this may be a bit of bandwagoneering, while adding little unique value. This is a green promotion (cute), whereas the intuitive killer app would be a truly Green Search Engine (as the name implies!). Whattup with dat, Yahoo?

via Mashable


Charles Frith said...

This is classic green washing. The United States Pollutes more of the world than any other country. What's the point in rewarding them?

In addition Internet users are usually more green aware than other segments. is this another example of the U.S. patting itself on the back?

Charles Frith said...

I take that back. I've just found out that they host freeserve. Yahoo are on my carbon free Xmas card list again. :)