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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Brave New Media: NBC Acquires R-Mail

MarketingVox reports that NBC has aquired R-Mail, a cool little program that let's users convert their RSS feeds to email. According to the article, a program like R-Mail is likely to be a "key component" for NBC's future digital strategies.

"NBC plans to use Rmail largely as a consumer input tool. With it, NBC can examine users' RSS feeds directly and use the info to better target people with programming and advertising."

Interesting play. With a price tag of only $150K, it wasn't a huge investment for NBC but could prove to be a good link into understanding their target and what content entices and engages them.

The people at R-Mail are hyped as well, as their blog reads that they now "finally have the team to make this joyride a rollercoaster."

I haven't heard a ton about R-Mail to this point, just starting to explore. Anyone here use it and feel like it brings some value?

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randymorin said...

Thanks! From the team at Rmail. That would be me.