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Friday, March 30, 2007

User-Created: What's with all the tiny pictures? (Onitsuka Tiger by Asics)

These sites have passed under my nose over the past week. While each is slightly different— the Asics site is a collection of photos, while encourages video upload and drawball is a user-created graffiti site—they collectively invite users to submit an image (a representation of themselves in some way, I’d argue) to become a tiny part of something massive. While I think these sites are cool, visually and conceptually, I’m left wondering, “what’s the point? Is this cool for cool’s sake?” I posed the question to our esteemed Interactives.

Basically, the group agreed. Right now, it’s answering the innate human desire to engage, be a part and leave your mark.

But more interestingly, there are lots of ways to evolve the concept into something more purposeful (dare I say) that could either bring people together in support of a product or idea (a nod here to Onitsuka) or to help people better understand the components that make up a big, maybe faceless brand. What would a thousand picture collage of SXSW look like? Or Tumi?


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

sorry - deleted that by accident - i'd said

the Faces Of One campaign on flickr - - is a step in the right direction, but it too ultimately leaves you wondering "why did i just do that?"

interesting post...