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Monday, March 05, 2007

Politics 2.0: YouTube YouChoose

YouTube has launched You Choose '08, where voters can find the official Web videos from Hillary Clinton, Rudy Giuliani, Barack Obama et al., all listed on one page. You know, the ones that the candidates want you to see, as opposed to the unofficial videos that are some of the most watched on the site.

Savvier by the minute to the power of video sharing and social networking to reach potential voters, most of the presidential candidates had put their videos on the site on their own "channels." Now YouTube has pulled them all together, free of charge. On You Choose '08, viewers are encouraged to post text comments and video responses and rate candidate-created videos.

But Adam Paul, an online strategist at ID Society Inc., an interactive design and marketing agency, has a warning: "Candidates have to remember that the more content they put out there, the more content there is for people to change and try to control."

via Washington Post

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