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Friday, October 03, 2008

Generosity: Modern Branding is Learning To Give Instead of Take

Generosity is the recipe of modern branding. It's about providing value to the audience: entertainment value, social value, and brand value.

Generosity Fallon Kc
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Here's a presentation I made a few weeks ago at Barkley's Creativity Symposium in Kansas City underscoring the importance of Generosity in advertising.
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Amelia said...

Loved this - thanks!

I've talked about this being the JFK Approach to Planning

It makes our job as Planners so much more interesting!

Seij said...

Great presentation. Interesting to really have seen this idea evolve and sharpen.

Anonymous said...

Loved it.Great presentatioin.keep up the good work.

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jean/NOTCOT said...

LOVE it ~ well said, and just inspired the direction i need to take when doing a presentation to my ad network and at a conversational marketing summit this week ~ as a publisher, i'm so happy to hear this approach to modern branding

Pedro Rocha said...

... and brand utility can also be a media platform, just take a look at Blyk:

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