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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Electing a US President (in Plain English)

Common Craft strikes again. Swing thought: planners' job is to make strategic complexity as simple and succint as these guys continually do.


Douglas Karr said...

That is a great video. The electoral system in the states is very misunderstood. If someone loses the popular vote, they scream. If they win the electoral vote, the love it. Politicians always err on the side of whatever would get them elected.

What I like about our system is that it doesn't leave farming states in the dust (so to speak). If it were all about population, politicians would only work on the few very large cities and forget the rest of the country.

Julianna Bogdanski said...

nice. proof that long-form is (still) a good medium for education and complex messages. it really does take time to tell certain stories. we shouldn't try to cheat that.