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Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Air Jordans, New Design Approach?

Nike is dropping the 'golden' pair of Jordans on Jan 25. Golden, if you will, as they are the Air Jordan XX3 – which means they are the 23rd version of the Air Jordan – and Jordan wore #23 for much of his career.

More interesting than it being the golden pair is the design approach. Nike says the AJXX3 is the first b-ball shoe as part of its Considered initiative, where all products are designed with reducing waste and utilizing environmentally friendly materials in mind. Apparently, in contrast to most kicks, the AJXX3 uses a minimal amount of environmentally harmful adhesives and instead relies on a new design system of interlocking panels. Sounds cool, however, curious to know how environmentally friendly these shoes really are?

The interlocking panels, light weight elements (in some cases made of recycled materials) and unique details (Jordan finger print inspired sole pattern) added to the productions process. Apparently a lot of people in the factories were pissed as this “wasn’t business as usual,” according to Tinker Hatfield, Nike’s vp of innovation design and special products. Tinker lead the design and was also the guy who came up with the concept for the Nike Air bubble/Air Max. Below is a video of where he found inspiration for the Air Bubble:

In Jordan brand fashion, the typical build-hysteria model is being employed behind the AJXX3 release. Only 23 Nike sanctioned stores, each with only 23 pairs will have the kicks on Jan 25. $230 will be the ticket. As expected, this initiative will be supported by a campaign appropriately titled “Become Legendary.” Jordan, Melo, Chris Paul and Ray Allen will appear in the spots which are expected to come out mid January.

*Props to Aki and Alyson for their Design for All presentation yesterday.


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Jen, writer Membership Millionaire said...

I love the campaign title, by the way. Become legendary. I can't really say anything more except that a lot of people will be lining up for those shoes. One thing that I like about Nike is their ability to really make people believe in whatever ad campaign they launch. Or maybe it's just me.

salina said...

Jen, I tend to believe them, too. But I think it's because I WANT to believe them.

Also, Aaron, hang on, I heard these kicks will eventually be available for less than $50.

ASA said...

The first pair (white & blue - the ones I mentioned) will run $230. They wont even be avail in Mpls stores and only 1,058 will be avail around the globe. Most likely will catch extremely high bids on ebay and will only be worth more as time goes on.

There will be a few other colorways (white, red, black) some of which will be limited and some of which wont be. Expected to retail at $185.

Eventually vesions (XX3.2, etc) will be available in low top and will cost less. $50 seems low though.

Interesting you point this out. Jordan brand tends to create many versions of any given model, eventually to the point in which they start to devalue the entire collection...