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Friday, October 26, 2007

Makes You Think.

"Interesting Snippets" is a flickr site for Lynette Webb, a Senior Strategic Insights Manager at Google UK (previously incorrectly described (by me) as Director of Futures). In her own words, it's "my personal dumping ground for various cool quotes, the odd stat, as slides to talk around when describing how things are changing online and in media & communications generally."

It's essentially a blog that is headlined with an interesting picture and quote (often from a blog, article or speech). I would love to ask which usually comes first: inspiration from a photo, the stat or a broad idea that she finds can be articulated in one of the first two.


lynetter said...

Hi Salina, thanks so much for the plug and really glad you like them.

To answer your question - it's a bit of them all. I read all my news online and whenever I see a stat or quote that catches my eye I save it. Then whenever I have spare time I go back through and pick a favourite to turn into a slide. The images come sometimes from a search, or sometimes from one that I've favourited. Whenever I see an image on Flickr I think could be interesting to illustrate a point I favourite it, even if I haven't found a quote to go with it yet.

Sometimes I do go in search of an image & a quote to illustrate a trend that I think is missing, but it's rare. Generally there's more than enough to keep me busy just from the quotes I've collected and I love the adhoc-ness of it.

PS: I'm at Google now yes, but sadly not with that lovely job title (that was my old job at Isobar). All but a handful of the slides on Flickr were done "pre Google", I'm afraid things have slowed down in the month since I joined as I've just been so busy, but I'm keen to get back to do more as soon as I can.

murray said...

yeah that's fascinating stuff and an easy way to loose yourself for a few hours.

salina said...

hey lynetter,

thanks for the comment (and sorry about the title confusion!).

this sounds like a very evolved rss methodology-nice. keep it up!


Ramiro said...

How good to see something so inspiring and useful in a simple way. Great idea.