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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Ad Agency Deathwatch: Anamoly

CNN Money reports on plucky 2-year-old start-up, Anamoly.

Regarding their recent win of Virgin America, "Anamoly brought a pitch that sounded more like a takeover bid: Carl Johnson, Anomaly's 48-year-old co-founder, hauled out plans to design the interiors of Virgin's new A320s, fashion the flight attendants' uniforms, and create the content for a pay-per-view seat-back entertainment system."

"Anomaly didn't want the usual hourly fees, either. 'This is an investment where we get a cut of sales,' Johnson told Virgin's marketing chief, Spence Kramer. One month later Johnson's no-name firm got the nod, to the astonishment of many in the industry. 'The pitch was unlike all the rest,' Kramer says. 'They never even mentioned ads. They were telling us how we could make more money.'"

CNN Money further outlines what separates Anomaly from the rest of the pack...

1. Creative compensation

2. Product design

3. Mobile marketing platform

via CNN Money


Anonymous said...

it's encouraging to hear about more angencies thinking long term and attaching their ideas to financial stakes in the brand. Ideally i think it will bring about healthier client & agency relationships since both sides have more time & money invested. I'm interested to hear how this turns out.

Matt and Christie said...

We talked about this at likemind this morning. It speaks well to the need to develop partnerships with the companies that employ us. Anomaly is more of an employee of Virgin America than a service vendor, a direction the entire industry should be moving to.

Seth said...

Campaign has an interesting article on IP this week:

Note Anomaly's structure, CPB's deal with Haggar, as well as bigger shop's "content arms" (in the UK mostly).