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Friday, August 08, 2008

Mass Interactive: Nokia Productions

Nokia Productions says: "Most films are made for the masses. This one is made by them. Join a production crew of thousands and play a part in creating Spike Lee and Nokia Productions’ latest film collaboration."

Check to all the boxes: big participatory idea and user co-creation blahblahblah, BUT the really important (smart) distinction here is Spike Lee has been hired to "direct" the crowd and conduct this orchestra with very thorough and paced "briefings" that detail what user co-creation should deliver on, creatively. This whole format reminds me of an agency process - Spike isn't hindering creative output from the crowd, but nor is he just leaving it up to some teen to submit any ol' piece of video nonsense and we call it "brand passion". Spike/Nokia Productions is deftly briefing in a creative strategy to the crowd (translate: he's keeping all the submissions ON BRIEF and not just random cheese from the masses).

Brilliant answer, Nokia, to the whole "losing control" debate that always come up with regard to user co-creation. Or...I think its a brilliant answer. We'll see, I guess. Fingers crossed.

*My Age of Conversation submission delves into this burgeoning opportunity to "outsource the agency" by recruiting users as panelists and advisors to the creative idea. More on this soon.


Pedro Rocha said...

makes sense. there has got to be a project manager/director. if not, how can you take responsability for it?

Hugh Garry said...

I've been working on a mobile film about festivals all summer and have been giving the audience, the DJs and the artists one simple brief... Do what the hell you want with your phone. It's produced a really interesting response.

My initial fears were that I'd be left with a load of unusable clips of shaking stage footage. Now my biggest problem is deciding what to leave out.

The film will be screened at the Electric Proms festival in October with the full version available online after.