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Saturday, December 22, 2007

On Second Thought, How Much Should I Respect The Media Snacker?

On a recent post, I added a note about respecting media snackers. It wasn't until a few days later that I actually had the time to think a bit more about what it meant and why (or why not) I should be trying to respect snackers.

Truth is, providing content that could've been found anywhere (ie, in simply reposting a video) doesn't really make me feel like I accomplished a lot (other than ending a post drought). Sure, I do it from time to time (sometimes too often, given crazy schedules), but the posts I feel best about are the ones that took me more than 3 minutes to put up. The ones I've rewritten 10 times. The ones where I've added pictures and video simply as extras (or not at all), not as the focal point of the post itself.

I can understand the desire to respect media snackers (and admittedly, its a label that often applies to my own media habits), but specifically when it comes to blogging I don't know how much I really should. In fact, sometimes I think I give a bit too much respect to the snackers and don't dedicate enough effort to creating a more meaningful post that requires me to think about and clearly state my point of view on something (but I'm trying to get back on track).

But curious to hear what others think. What are you looking for when you come here (and to other blogs)? Quick bites of content, or posts that make you stop and think (or somewhere in between)? I'm sure it varies depending on the blog you're reading (I know it does for me), but interested to hear thoughts on the media snacker topic in general.


Eamon said...

The web is saturated with images. I understand, of course, the power of images in communicating ideas as well as in disruptive ideas to provoke fresh ideas. But, I think, that account planners, too, are beginning to abuse imagery to the point now that I often click off the page if i see a 'play' button.

So let's be provocative and start a new anti-image trend where less images is more - where people actually have to start thinking again about how to communicate ideas through words (and then, eventually return to normal - where images are worth looking at, again).


Niko Herzeg said...

The Fallon planning blog. The name was what drew me to the blog. A blog about planning. From the perspective of the legendary agency Fallon.

However I find it more and more a anti-dote blog to Planning Britannica. A blog that covers different stuff, gives me bit more insight in US stuff.

It's nice to read a post about the Wire, or NCAA basketbal, or mixtapes by lil'wanye