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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Maxim creates a billboard on Google Earth

To celebrate its 100th issue, Maxim "printed" this cover of Eva Longoria in the desert. It's visible through Google Earth.

Nice going Maxim.

Google Earth has so much potential as a medium, the examples people come up with will only get better with time. The funny thing is that Google knows this and is just waiting for the really creative uses before it jumps in and starts monetizing it. Here's a quote from Adage:

Tim Armstrong, Google’s VP-advertising, said: “Google Earth specifically has opened itself out and not from an advertiser standpoint, but from a user-mash-up point of view … Google Earth is something that has no specific plan right now for monetization and may never have that. But it’s something that the ad community should be interested in because it’s a wonderful opportunity.”

Google knows there's a great idea waiting and hasn't figured it out yet, but it's smart enough to realize someone will. I think this is why they are such a great company.

Via Cnet


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