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Monday, November 06, 2006

Brand Action: What's Healthy?

we in the connection planning group talk a lot about brand action - how brands need to focus more on doing things than just saying things. here's a great example of that from the ny times.

hannaford brothers, a grocery store chain, has developed its own independent system of rating the healthiness of the products it stocks in its stores. feeling that many of these products are not doing a very good job of accurately communicating the overall healthiness of their products, hannaford brothers stepped in to try to solve that problem for its customers. not surprisingly, most of the products they stock don't do very well under this system (too much sugar, too much sodium, etc), and that's including their own private label products.

what's great about this is that they've taken a lesson from to be totally transparent about the pros and cons of the products it sells. amazon realized early on that allowing customers to post both positive and negative reviews of everything they sell wouldn't cannibalize sales, and would in fact build a greater trust with customers. hannaford sees that while their ratings may dissuade some people from buying particular products, those same people are likely to just buy something else instead. the end result is that they've still made the sale, yet they've also built a bond of trust with the customer. win-win situation. this is marketing in 2006 - doing things to build your brand.

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Charles Frith said...

Noam Chomsky who has serious issues with advertising (or more accurately, the distorted role of commerce) talks quite fluently about the role of advertising to convey just information about the product. OK so ESP or tonality aren't really his thing but it's a fair point that should be held up as a benchmark for easy advertising objectives.