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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Tylenol is not cool

it's probably because i work in advertising, but i actually check out the ad that goes on the inside of the netflix envelope (the part you rip off and throw out). well the last two movies i got in had an ad for a movie that tylenol made called "9 lives" that is being distributed exclusively via netflix. presumably its the folks at deutsch that are behind this, just like they were behind the indie rock compilation CD i found in one of my obscure music magazines a while back. both, i'll have you know, were brought to me by a mysterious collective known only as "team ouch."

i applaud them for giving it the ol' college try, but c'mon, tylenol?! you do not belong in my indie music magazine, and there is no way i'm gonna have netflix send me your "team ouch"-produced movie. is this your way of connecting with "the younger demographic?" you gotta build to the kind of credibility that will allow you to not be ridiculed for this sort of thing.

in last week's new york magazine cover story on bloggers (a whole special section actually), there was a mention of how gawker doesn't allow just anybody to advertise with them because they know that lame-o advertisers will rub off poorly on them. the quote from the article went like this, and i think it's pretty damn hilarious and brilliant:

"Gawker even claims to turn away advertisers that are too low-rent; the site's ad manager boasted to Mediaweek that it takes no Ford or Chevy ads because 'we hate American cars' and no pharmaceutical ads because 'our readers are healthy and beautiful.'"

Tylenol, take heed. Besides, everyone knows Alleve is way better at managing my menstrual cramps. Ouch.

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Anonymous said...

Here in the UK, when I was at high school, Tylenol was very cool - because it wasn't available here and people who went on holiday to the states would bring it back and dish them out (rumours were it was too strong to be available here without presciption). Have to say that feeling still lingers, and when I'm in the states I stock up without having any rational reason to do so.