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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I'm glad i'm young

i just read this article in the NY Times recapping last week's AAAA Media Conference in Orlando. check this quote from the article out... it's a scary point that was well made:

"Despite all the talk about staying up-to-speed with consumer behavior, there are still quite a few media executives who do not know the difference between, say, MySpace and YouTube. The proof came on Friday when a speaker polled the audience with this question: "Raise your hand if you've seen the 'Saturday Night Live' viral video 'Lazy Sunday.'"

Out of a group of many hundreds, three or four hands went up.

Jason Hirschhorn, the chief digital officer for MTV Networks, was unimpressed. "I would say that the amount of people who didn't see the 'Saturday Night Live' skit is scary, considering that you guys are responsible for media buying," he said.

Here's why: the guys who run Mediaedge, Mindshare, Initiative, Starcom, etc etc etc are old, lame and rich. Nobody emails them viral videos. Like i said in the subject line above, i'm glad i'm young because you simply aren't qualified to make communications in this day and age of new media if you're not consuming them yourself. Here's hoping that people still email me viral videos, even when i get rich...